What is GameYou?

GameYou is a platform that offers a huge variety of development experiences by using games.

Our objective is to provide an environment to connect people, organizations and professionals who identify games as a powerful tool for development and self-knowledge.

GameYou was born because

We believe that human development can be easy, funny, spontaneous and shared with others.  We can learn more about ourselves and eventually face some behavioral transformation while also having some fun.

Games are a way of accessing who we are, how we do things, what we want, who we connect with, at the same time, games can drive us to new paths by experiencing new possibilities.

For whom Gameyou is driven?

• Game creators and trainers who want to advertise and sell their games and / or their workshops and events.
• For Consultants, coaches and trainers who want to become a certified professional in various games and who want to expand their own portfolio
• Consulting Organizations, and trainers who want to sell workshops and training adding value with the use of games
• Companies that are looking for solutions through games for the challenges of developing their teams within organizations.